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  • bwwwssssshhhhhhhhh:

    i don’t care if u want to own an android but can u please not take photos of urself in the mirror cos i don’t want to see it. thanks 

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  • oreosvevo:

    when you get caught taking food without permission


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  • "You look at me when I’m reading my book in bed and you tell me that I’m cold, that you can feel my distance, that you freeze around me. But I am burning, so hot that I can sometimes barely stand to be within myself, you simply can’t feel it because I radiate inward. I can see you pull your blankets around tighter, and all I can do is sweat against my sheets."
    Charlotte Green, I Only Love Myself (via feellng)

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  • drunknuncle:

    there is only one part of my childhood that i wish i could block from my memory


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  • my meals in the summer

    • breakfast: 3pm
    • dinner: 11pm
    • more food: 1am
    • midnight snack: 4am
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